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There are many web design companies in the Cheshire area can create something that looks great.  But that doesn’t mean it will be found by your potential customers.

Many business owners start off by contacting a web design company, getting a nice site built, and then finding disappointment when it remains a ghost-town.  What good is a website that doesn’t get any visitors?

Many clients come to us with an existing site that looks pretty but doesn’t get any traffic and needs major rewrites to structure it correctly for the search engines.

mobile responsive websites built in Northwich, Cheshire
mobile responsive websites built in Northwich, Cheshire

So how do ForwardSEO website designs differ?


We build them with the aim of getting as many visitors in as possible.  We research what people in your area are searching for in relation to your industry, and help your site to match those needs exactly.

The search engines aim is to give people the best sites on the subject they’re searching for.  Do that part properly and you’ll move up the rankings and in turn you’ll get more visitors.  Part of this comes from making sure that it’s a smooth experience – no matter what device the customer is using.

All of our websites look great when viewed on a tablet or phone – with text and images resized to fit perfectly.  So your customers will be able to find what they need quickly and easily.


Our websites are built with the search engines in mind.


That’s what sets ForwardSEO’s websites apart – they’re built so Google will love them, as well as your customers – resulting in more visitors and more revenue for your business.

Responsive Websites

We produce mobile-friendly websites that look great on any device – whether it’s a tablet, phone or PC.

Easy to run

We design our sites so that you can update them by yourself.  But if you need help, we’re always there and can maintain it for you.

Online shop websites

If you want to sell products online, we can help with an e-commerce site that is easy to manage and run.

Built-in SEO

Our websites are designed to be loved by visitors, but also seen and ranked by the search engines.  Standard search engine optimisation is built-in upfront.

Why do I need a responsive/mobile website?

Recently, Google has started showing mobile-ready sites higher in the rankings if you’re searching on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

They want their users to get the best experience, and viewing a site which can easily be used on a smaller screen is what people want, so they give it priority.

If your existing site doesn’t resize like this, or you need a new one building from scratch, we can take care of it.