Reputation Management Services

Do you keep track of your company’s reputation online?  It’s a difficult task to keep up with all of the places where customers could possibly review your business.

Or maybe your company has found itself with unjustified negative reviews.  Sometimes these can come from an unethical competitor, a disgruntled former employee, or maybe someone who has never even used your services.

Whatever the reason, we can help, by using a number of different strategies to restore your online reputation to where it should be.

What can be done?

There’s a number of different strategies that can be used to remedy the situation depending on where the reviews are showing.

The first of these is the most effective with malicious reviews, and it involves contacting the review site itself.  If the review is libellous, then there are certainly options available that could get the review removed entirely.

Another example might be if a company was previously in the hands of a different owner, and had an online publication – e.g. a local news outlet, who wrote a piece on the business.  If this shows up every time customers search for the business name, then there are techniques that can be used to address the article, or to make disappear from the first page of the results.  Most of this work involves the use of SEO techniques to rank newer content above the problem sites, eventually pushing them off the page.

Keep it truthful

If you’ve received bad feedback from a customer, and they are justified in what they’ve stated, then it is always the best policy to be honest and to provide a response to the review where possible.  The response should be calm, and should try to offer some kind of resolution, rather than any criticism.  Other potential customers will get the chance to see that your business takes its feedback seriously, and it may actually work in your favour.

You’ll probably find that most customers are unlikely to leave any feedback unless they are extremely displeased with your product or service.  If this is the case, you should make it as easy as possible for people to leave you with positive feedback, and perhaps offer a discount off their next purchase with you if they leave some honest feedback in one of the review locations.  Bear in mind that you can’t offer the discount only for positive reviews – they must be free to write what they want.

Local business listings

If you’re appearing in the search listings with an entry like the one below – it’s time to get some more reviews.  We can help you create easy to use links that let your customers review your business with ease.  A business with a single 1-star review may look like it’s in a bad position, but it wouldn’t take many positive reviews to bump the average up to a healthy number.  Don’t leave it like this one…

1 star review on Google my business

Google’s New Approach

Google now collects reviews from all over the internet, and links these with your website’s main presence, so it pays to keep vigilant, and look for any new mentions of your business name in the search engines.  This is easily done using a feature known as Google Alerts, which will send you an email either immediately, or on a set schedule every time the search engine spots a new mention of your business name.  This is a great, but little-known feature that can save you from guessing when new reviews have cropped up.