Why Does SEO Take Time?

Find out the reasons why it takes time and what you can do about it.

The subject may seem very complicated at first glance. It can be daunting for those who haven’t tried it before. In reality, however, it isn’t that difficult, it just requires a little bit of time to come into full effect. Even if you have the right skills and armed with enough information, you also need to understand why it takes time to see the results of your hard work.

Why Isn’t it Instant?

If it is just a string of efforts that helps get your brand out there, why does it take so much time for its effects to be felt?

The Basics of SEO

The answer to the question above can be rather complicated. Those who want to fully understand the reason why there aren’t offer instant results should look closely at the components of ranking a site,

Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests, tries to tweak, enhance, and improve search engines in favour of the client. This means that the techniques it uses are designed to help a single client or business owner develop their web visibility by climbing the ranks of search engine results pages. This is most commonly done through the use of specific keywords that will then redirect an internet user to the page of the business owner.

However, the keywords are hardly ever unique, and with the amount of people who are using the same tactics, competition is becoming stiffer than ever.  If you belong to a saturated industry, you’ll need to make extra efforts, use more unusual keywords (i.e. Long Tail) , and pay extra attention to your techniques to get results.

Language and Technology is Evolving

Back in the day, all you needed were a few unique keywords to corner your market and drive traffic towards your website. Nowadays, you can’t just rely on a few words to get traffic. Why? Because technology and language are evolving.

When the search engines started to evolve, talking to Siri and Google Now was still a concept. Everyone would type a word or two on search engines to find stuff they need on the internet and manipulation of the engines was so much simpler back then, because you just need to find your “golden keywords” and you’re good to go. Today, with many of us talking to our handheld devices’ A.I.s, people are using more normal questions and natural language to look for the things they need.

To address this, you have to study your market more carefully, including their preferred language and search methods. Learning more about these things will help you customize your techniques better and capture your target audience more easily.

Content Creation

Creating content is also no easy feat. To generate enough content for a website or blog that can be used for an advantage takes a while to complete, especially if this is the only method you’re employing to popularize your brand.

Google’s Means of Determining Your Links’ Credibility

Google is known to be wary of links that get so much traffic all too quickly. They know that something is wrong when a new link gets a lot of clicks and becomes too popular instantly; they ban or penalise such websites as a result. This, of course, would put all your efforts to waste because Google is still the most widely used search engine all over the world. If you want to stay on Google’s good side, don’t try to rush things as credibility is always more important than instant results.

Patience is Definitely an Essential Virtue in Online Marketing

if you’ve just decided to implement SEO measures to help your brand take off, you will need a lot of patience in the process.

“Is my SEO company scamming me by taking so long?”, you might wonder. The answer here depends largely on how long it is taking your SEO company to give you results, how reputable they are, and what techniques they are using. A good marketing company should be able to give you an approximate timescale for certain results and should provide you with a regular report that shows the work that has been done and the progress made.

Proper SEO is not something you can do overnight and the results certainly take much longer to show.  After all, real sites take time to become popular, apart from some rare exceptions.  It’s worth the wait though, as you will see – lots of steady traffic to your website that will translate to increased revenue for your business.