How Much Extra Business Can SEO Bring?

Find out what the traffic percentage is for Google rankings and see where your website comes in the race to get more visitors.

Have you ever wondered how many of the customers searching for a specific term actually click on each slot in the rankings? Well, it won’t surprise you to find out that the higher you rank the better.  People are by nature always looking for the easiest route to what they need and the search engines are no exception. Take a look at the infographic below to see the percentages of clicks each position gets.

traffic share

What Do These Percentages Mean?

If someone inputs a search phrase into Google, for example, ‘photographer Manchester’, Google will show the details of 10 websites on the first page who it thinks are the most authoritative for the keywords ‘Photographer’ and ‘Manchester’.  The number of people who search for this term per month is around 200.  If your business appears in the number one spot for ‘photographer Manchester’ this means that about 66 people per month will click on your website in comparison to 4 if you appear in position 10.

So What Do Rankings Mean For Your Business?

Most companies who have an online presence want to get their website found.  It could be to sell certain products, provide services or just to allow customers to find out about them above the competitors.  Whatever the reason, the main purpose of ranking is to be seen.  Now, when it comes to visitors, you need to make it as likely as possible that they will click on your site rather than a different one.  This is where other “properties” you own, such as your facebook page or your linkedin profile, play an important role.  If you get these pages to show up on Google, it leaves much less room for your competition, and could mean you pull more than 50% of all monthly searches to your site.

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