The Benefits of Ranking a Video

These days, video marketing is becoming exceedingly important. Find out more about its benefits right here.

In video marketing, it is not enough to just make a few clips that feature your products or services. You need people to view your videos; the more views you have, the better your sales numbers will be. The popularity of your uploads can help determine your profits, so, if you’re still unconvinced, here are the main benefits of ranking a video.

It Catches Your Target Audience’s Attention

A high ranking YouTube video can easily catch more people’s attention because it is on the top of the search results list. The video image stands out from the other text in the listings and draws the eye. People only usually click on two to three links when looking for something online, so it is very important to create quality video content with relevant and captivating titles.

A High Video Ranking Equates to Better Search Engine Rankings

With YouTube now being a part of Google, getting your videos to rank high in the most popular video-sharing website can also boost your ranking in Google search results. YouTube videos also turn up among the top results of Google searches, so you should definitely take advantage of this social media giant’s capability in promoting your brand. Just remember to categorize your videos properly, so it will be viewed by the right people.

Videos Can Be Like A Mini Website

When your video ranks in the search engines it acts like a website, showcasing you and your company to potential customers.  It has information about your product or service, yo

ur contact details and answers questions just like a website.  This can then rank on page one and take a place away from your competitors.  Ranking a video can be a great way to dominate the top of the search engines, it can rank alongside your website, your Facebook page etc. giving you more spots in the listings, more clicks to your company and more customers.

It Creates a Ripple Effect for Your Other Online Content

The great thing about high ranking YouTube videos is that once one of them becomes popular, it could create a ripple effect for your other videos and content. As YouTube also recommends related videos, including the ones from the same uploader, you can expect to get more mileage from one popular YouTube upload. If you have also included links of your website or blog in your YouTube videos, viewers can also be redirected to your other content without a fuss.

Achieve Worldwide Exposure

Unless you prefer to limit your video’s audience, YouTube is a great tool for achieving a low cost, high impact national and worldwide exposure. Because YouTube is available in almost every country, you get a good chance to have your products seen by someone who lives on the other side of the country or even the world easily. If your product or service is not limited by geographical factors, this could be a great way for you to expand and gain more clients and customers.

Boost Your Brand’s Credibility

Any brand can benefit from a good reputation and videos are some of the best ways to establish this. Videos could provide a more personal touch to your promotions as it can feature footage of yourself doing various business-related activities. It can be as simple as a narration of your company profile or some how-to’s. It can also be a product demonstration or tutorial done by the entrepreneur himself. These videos give clients and customers a glimpse of how their coach, service provider, or supplier works, letting them know you a little better.

As the world wide web can be very impersonal, even just letting your clients see the person behind the brand already makes you more trustworthy in their eyes. With videos that feature you as a narrator or the main character, you’re letting your clients connect with you on a more human level. This allows them to put a face on the other person they’ve been exchanging messages with. While talking through e-mails and messages can be convenient, knowing how a person talks, acts, or sounds like makes it easier to trust and rely on them. And if your video was able to get high rankings, it means that lots of other people have already trusted you, convincing new viewers to do the same. This alone could already be the best reason why you should rank a video.

The More Websites You Use, the More Footprints You Leave on the Internet

If you’ve only relied on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, and other relevant platforms to get your brand out there, you are still not doing enough to get your name more searchable and identifiable. Using YouTube is a great way to better disseminate information about your products and services without spending too much as this free content-sharing platform is wildly popular.

How to Improve Your Video’s Ranking

According to Alexa’s Top 100 Websites list, YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet. With its great potential to promote your brand, the right steps should be taken to maximize on what this platform has to offer. There are lots of ways you can improve your video’s ranking, and SEO tops the list.

With the many benefits of ranking a video, you shouldn’t be asking why you need to rank a video on YouTube and in the search engines anymore. What you should concern yourself is how your uploads can reach the top of the search results and how they can bring you more customers.

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