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Welcome to ForwardSEO – You’ve probably heard of online marketing – but what does our service do?

To put it briefly, if you’re looking for more customers and to increase your profits, you’ve come to the right place.

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving your site so that it’s seen as the most relevant and best structured site that Google can find.  If your site is giving searchers what they are after in a well thought out way, it will be pushed to the top of the rankings.


    The higher you appear in Google’s rankings, the more customers will come to your site.  A site at the top of page 1 will receive around 35% of all people searching for that term.

    We’re skilled at spotting the opportunities that your competitors may be missing out on – by careful research of the keywords potential customers are searching with we can catch those possible sales that would otherwise have passed by.

    Whether your customers are searching for you on a computer, tablet or phone, we can ensure you’re visible to all, and we specialise in building mobile-friendly websites that Google loves.

    What should you look for in an SEO company?


    Up to date SEO knowledge

    You need to find a Cheshire internet marketing firm who have the latest knowledge of what the search engines are looking for.  They need to be able to tell you about the latest developments in the industry, and how this helps their clients.  Over the last few years, SEO has changed dramatically.  Whereas a few years ago you could climb to the top of Google just by having random 1000s of links to your site, nowadays it’s a different game.  Old techniques could have a detrimental effect on your website, or even get it struck off the search engines altogether. The right SEO company can help your Cheshire business to give Google what it’s looking for – high quality websites laid out in the right way.  Together, we can achieve that and in turn Google will place your site closer to the top.  ForwardSEO will ensure this is done correctly.


    Results over time

    SEO doesn’t get your business to the top overnight, and if you find a company that promises this then you should be wary, especially if your website is new.  For SEO to be effective and to look natural to Google, it needs to be done in a restrained manner.  Going too fast will trigger one of Google’s penalties, which will sink your site down the rankings, or might even result in being delisted altogether.  This isn’t something that is easy to recover from, so make sure you find a company who knows this, and gets things right first time. You should see increases in numbers of visitors to your site over the weeks after starting your campaign, but more importantly you should see an increase in the number of telephone and email enquiries, leading to greater sales of your product/service.

    We’re experts in online marketing, search engine optimisation and web design.


    The SEO company you choose should become a partner to your business, and must be committed to your success rather than just their own.  They need an excellent understanding of your business and customers so they can create a campaign that fits well.  There are a number of agencies in the county offering similar services, and the best will spend time upfront identifying who your customers are, what they are searching for, and how your business can best provide it to the,  They should also have a firm idea of who you are competing against, as there are many ways to keep ahead of the pack if you know the competitors’ strategies.

    A range of techniques

    There’s more to this than just getting your website onto the first page where it will be seen.  Wouldn’t you like to see your company listed more than once of the top of the search engines.  This is entirely possible – we can additionally help you to rank Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, alongside videos and presentations of your products or services. There’s only organic listings on the first page of Google – if you can claim a few of those spots, there’s more chance of customers coming to you first (and it also squeezes out the available places for your competitors). Contact us today to find out more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do some Cheshire SEO companies offer cheap fixed-price packages?

    When you see other companies offering “SEO” packages for £99 pounds upwards, you need to understand the aproach that they’ll be taking with your site.  The offer certainly looks tempting.

    They’ll basically be using an automated tool to trawl the internet, write a comment, and place a link back to your site from who-knows-where.   This was a great idea until a few years ago when Google became wise to the technique.

    Doing that in 2016 will land your site with a penalty within a short amount of time – your site will plummet down the rankings and it can be very difficult to recover from this.

    A genuine SEO company can only give you a price once they understand your business, your websites, and the competition in your industry.  If your competitors haven’t paid much attention to SEO, then the investment needed to beat them is usually far smaller.

    Can you guarantee rankings?

    We don’t take on customers unless we are confident that our services will help them greatly.  However we cannot guarantee rankings. We just ensure that our customer sites give the search engines the key things they’re looking for.  In return, the websites rise up to the top of the rankings, as Google is confident that the page will provide what is being searched for.

    What sets you apart?

    We clearly show customers upfront what work needs to be done, the return on investment that can be expected, and how this compares with their competition.

    Each month we provide clear reporting on how the marketing campaign is going, the increases in website visitors and any opportunities to convert more visitors into paying customers.

    We’re not some big agency with expensive offices to pay for – we’re small, friendly and will clearly explain every aspect of the work we do for you.

    How long does it take to rank?

    There’s a number of factors involved, and the first of these is how long it’s been since your site was built.  Google puts new sites in a “sandbox” – it stops new sites from ranking highly and this lasts from one to three months in most cases.

    After this point, the restrictions are lifted, and your site will rise through the pages as it becomes more popular and relevant to what your customers are searching for.

    Can't I do this myself?

    Yes!  We don’t use any mystical power to get sites ranked.  However, you must be sure that you’re using an up-to-date and trustworthy source of information if you plan to do the work yourself.  Don’t buy any tools which “guarantee” page one results in a few days – they don’t work and are likely to cause a negative impact on your rankings.  (If you believe us try them our on a test website first rather than destroying your business site!)

    The techniques needed are changing constantly, and so you must make sure you’re not using an approach that is outdated or frowned upon by Google.  Our blog posts give some great tips and tactics you can use.

    ForwardSEO take good care of our customer sites – we treat our clients as partners – if they succeed, so will we.  Only safe, proven work is carried out on customer sites.

    What our customers think….

    Cathy was a breath of fresh air – explaining the why behind the how and helping me solve the problems I was experiencing with my website functionality. Professional and Personable – a perfect combination! Thank you

    F. Watkins

    HR Consultant, Jigsaw HR

    Thanks to Cathy at ForwardSEO. She’s made every step of the process clear and we’ve been very pleased with the progress

    M Hart

    A very professional and forward thinking company. The techniques used and the methodical but determined approach gets your business where it needs to be. Very impressed.

    L Lawrence

    Company Director

    I’ve been with ForwardSEO for three months so far. At first, I was a little nervous because we didn’t see an immediate rankings boost upon joining, but the team there explained to me that SEO is not immediate and we will see cumulative gains from the efforts we put in, over time.

    C Escobar

    Affiliate Website Owner

    Here’s some examples of ranking results from early 2016

    Website names are withheld to protect customer privacy.

    As you can see, some larger customers wish to rank for large numbers of keywords.  We carefully research the best keywords to go for to ensure a great return on their investment.

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